Star Wars: The Old Republic Basic Combat Video

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Episode III: Combat

In this episode I show how to find more missions and go into some detail on the combat abilities of the Jedi Knight class.

Finding Missions

Star Wars: The Old Republic allows you to work on several missions at once. Missions reward you with experience, items, and money. Some missions will also grant light or dark side points based on your conversation choices and group missions will grant social points. To find new missions locate NPCs with the Mission Offer icon over their head. Speak with them and will gain a mission in your mission log.


Combat in SWTOR is slightly different from other MMOs. For example in World of Warcraft, you have an auto attack feature that executes an attack as long as you are in range of your enemy. In SWTOR, you must use an ability for every attack.

Jedi Knight

The Jedi Knight has two combat abilities at level 1, Strike and Slash. Strike builds the basic Jedi Knight resource, Focus, and Slash consumes focus to unleash a more powerful attack. Strike builds 2 focus and Slash consumes 3, so you’ll need to execute Strike at least twice before unleashing slash.

Feature Rating

Combat is very simple to understand and easy to pick up, but requires extensive knowledge of your full range of abilities, skills, and specializations to maximize your effectiveness. The game ramps up encounter difficulty through the game in order to teach the player how to use their new abilities more effectively creating a balanced experience for newcomers and raid masters alike. The combat system is based very much on tried and true systems in other MMORPGs. There isn’t much unique here, but it is solid. Four out of Five.

Playing SWTOR

SWTOR is a subscription based MMO. It will be Free-to-Play later this year, but still allow people to subscribe for extra perks. If you would like a 14 day free trial, message me with your email address and I’ll send you an invite code.