Scarlet White

I don’t often get excited about a band, but one group is a big exception. Scarlet White is a Christian hard rock band from my adopted home town of Three Rivers, MI. While their reach may be regional, I won’t call these passionate musicians a local band. These guys are taking their music everywhere, guaranteed.

Scarlet White

The Music

Before you read any further use the links on the side of this page to listen to their music. Scarlet White reminds me of the group Red in their rhythms. The music feels good, it sounds good, and the message is good.

The Band

I’ve known band vocalist, Spencer Minor, for a few years now. He’s a great guy with a great family. His passion exudes from the music and energizes the lyrics. These guys are fun to follow on social media. They stay connected to their fans with frequent updates and take time to interact with their followers. It’s exciting to see how much Scarlet White has grown in just a few short years.

The Mission

The next step is to raise funds for their new album. Right now they’ve launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise the $700 they need to get their new music out. I’ve pledged my support and I’m urging you guys to do the same. The great thing about Kickstarter is it allows the band to offer incentives for backers. For example, a $5 backing gets your name in the “Thank You” list on the album, while donating $25 gets you the album when it’s released, a guitar pick, and a band sticker. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you get to have dinner with the band! The catch with Kickstarter is that they have to raise all the money by the deadline, which is less than a week away or else the band doesn’t get the money (and the backers don’t get charged).

The Challenge

You’ve heard the music, you know these guys are awesome. You can be a real influence on the success of these committed musicians. Watch the video above and click the picture below to see their Kickstarter project and give a few bucks to get their music going!

The images in this post are the property of Scarlet White and are used with permission.