ViSalus and Herbalife Go Head to Head


  • Cost per Serving: Vi-Shape – $1.50
  • Trans Fat: Vi-Shape – 0g
  • Cholesterol: Formula 1 – 0mg
  • Sodium: Vi-Shape – 75mg
  • Carbs(Sugars): Vi-Shape – 7g(<1g)
  • Vitamins: Vi-Shape – 30% of most, Chelated
  • Iron: Formula 1 – 10%
  • Prebiotic: Vi-Shape – Yes
  • Proteins: Vi-Shape 12g – Trisorb blend

ViSalus and Herbalife are two companies that vie for market share in the highly competitive realm of health supplements. Each company offers a weight loss shake to help their customers get fit and healthy. I’m going to compare ViSalus’ Vi-Shape shake to the Herbalife equivalent, Formula 1. I must tell you up front that I am a ViSalus Independent Distributor, but am attempting to be as unbiased and fact based as I can be. I only have access to information publicly available when it comes to Herbalife so I welcome any Herbalife distributors to send me message correcting anything I have expressed incorrectly.

The Shakes

Both ViSalus and Herbalife have a similar product. It’s a shake you take instead of meals to lose weight. The differences are in the ingredients. I don’t know anybody personally who has used the Herbalife products so I can’t compare results, but I have documented my results here. I’ve leveraged my Excel-Fu to create a simple chart that compares the two products side by side. This chart compares the ViSalus Vi-Shape shake mix to the Herbalife Formula 1 Kosher Vanilla flavor. There are several flavors of Herbalife available, but only one sweet cream flavor offered by ViSalus. Both shakes are designed to be mixed with skim, almond or soy milk and can have other flavors mixed in to the drinker’s taste. ViSalus offers flavor mix in packs that also have beneficial effects, like the chocolate flavor that improves heart health or the banana flavor for energy. I chose the Herbalife flavor that most closely aligns to ViSalus’ flavor. Taking a look at the chart we notice that first of all that ViSalus is a bit cheaper and per serving, but not by much. I attempted to get the retail(MSRP) cost of Herbalife to compare, but since I’m not an Herbalife promoter, I don’t have access to it. The promoter listed below, who is a friend of a friend, sells Formula 1 for the price listed in the spreadsheet. The price can vary since each distributor sets their prices. As you can see the calories and fat are pretty similar. Formula 1 has less cholesterol. One of the key differences marketed by ViSalus is the higher protein content. Vi-Shape uses a blend of 3 proteins while Formula 1 relies on soy isolate and whey. Vi-Shape beats out Formula 1 in all other nutritional information except iron and has several of the heavy metals not found in Formula 1 at all. Vi-Shape also includes a prebiotic to encourage digestive bacteria growth. See the images below for the ingredients for each of these from their product packaging.


There are very significant differences in the way the products are promoted. To become a promoter with Herbalife it requires at least a $49.95. Similarly, it costs at least $49 to become a promoter with ViSalus. The main difference is the way products are sold. With Herbalife, the promoter purchases products from Herbalife and then sells them while a ViSalus promoter sells the product via a website and doesn’t need to buy any products to sell. Higher ranks in Herbalife grant more commissions and deeper discounts on the price of purchasing products from Herbalife. Higher ranks in ViSalus offer deeper depths of commissions from the promoters they enroll. Unfortunately I don’t have much information on the compensation plan of Herbalife to give it a deeper examination. Herbalife promoters do not gain commissions until they reach a leadership level, relying on profit margin from product resales until they reach a leadership level. ViSalus offers commissions to even their basic promoters from day one, including weekly and monthly checks.